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Your Ideas,
Your Neighborhood

Check out upcoming building projects in your area, give your opinions, and shape your neighborhood.

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About Us

ShapeSV is a community engagement platform by the organization Catalyze SV.

We offer a convenient platform for community members to share their thoughts and ideas about upcoming housing projects and making our neighborhoods inclusive, safe, and vibrant.

How Can We Help?

ShapeSV offers a way to advocate for your housing needs online!

Explore Building Projects 

Check out the projects in review that your city might approve

Share Your Thoughts

Submit your opinions for the projects online without going to meetings

Influence Leaders

Our team shares the opinions we get with city leaders and developers

Community Voices

What community members are sharing

“It says something about emailing, but not everyone knows how to email."

"I guess we as a community don't inspire being friendly or something"

Community Member

“It's written in very engineering language, not a simple common English that could actually help the community understand. Not everyone's that well educated, especially not in San Jose.”

Community Member

"Again, the language. I mean, I think it has to be a little more simple for people to actually want to participate and get involved or understand it."

Community Member

Active Projects

We need your input, and we'll share it with the development team!

Projects are in design and review, going through the city approval process. Now is the time to give your input!

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